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Native smokes canada - #1 Online Native smoke shop

Native smokes Canada is a Native Owned website that provides affordable native smokes to Canadian's.

Introduction to Native Smokes Canada

Native Smokes Canada is a unique venture aimed at fostering economic growth within First Nations communities while promoting the sale of legitimate smoking and tobacco products. As a proud First Nations business, Native Smokes Canada is dedicated to upholding the values and standards of its people and advocating for high levels of well-being and excellence.
The Importance of Economic Growth for First Nations Communities
Economic growth is vital for First Nations communities, as it provides opportunities for job creation, self-sufficiency, and improved living standards. By focusing on economic development, Native Smokes Canada hopes to contribute to the prosperity and well-being of its community and help pave the way for a brighter future.
We provide Legitimate Tobacco Products
At the core of Native Smokes Canada’s mission is the promotion of legitimate tobacco products. By ensuring that only authorized and regulated products are sold, the company can help maintain a responsible and accountable tobacco market.
First Nations Values in Business Practices
Native Smokes Canada is steadfast in its commitment to uphold First Nations values in its business practices. This dedication ensures that the company operates with integrity, respect, and a strong sense of responsibility towards its community and customers.
Native smokes canada - #1 Online Native smoke shop
  • Natural Organic Tobacco Our tobacco is sourced from organic tobacco farms and processed on native reserves.
  • Donate to Native Communities We donate % of proceeds to native communities that need help for things like accessible drinking water, education and programs for kids!
  • Native Owned & Opperated Our website and products are by natives for native people.