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Banana Backwoods Cigars are an innovative and delectable twist on traditional cigars. They provide a unique and delightful experience for cigar enthusiasts, offering a perfect blend of flavor and sophistication.

The art of crafting Banana Backwoods Cigars is a delicate balance between preserving the traditional essence of a cigar and introducing a fresh, fruity twist. The banana flavor is infused into the tobacco leaves during the aging process, resulting in a subtle yet noticeable taste that complements the natural richness of the tobacco. This innovative combination of flavors sets Banana Backwoods Cigars apart from other cigars on the market.

The cigars are wrapped in a natural leaf, creating a rustic appearance and a smooth, slow burn. The mellow banana flavor adds a touch of sweetness, enhancing the taste of the premium tobacco without overpowering it.

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Flavor Profile

As time went on, the brand expanded its line of flavors to cater to different tastes. One of their most adventurous offerings is the Backwoods Banana Cigar, a delightful blend of tobacco and banana essence. This unique concoction was designed to entice smokers looking for a fresh spin on their typical cigar experience. When you light one up, you’re instantly greeted with a luscious banana aroma, which sets the stage for an exotic smoking experience. The banana essence is expertly intertwined with the tobacco, creating a harmonious balance that’s simply irresistible.

Manufacturing Process
Step 1: Selecting the Tobacco

The journey of a Backwoods Banana Cigar begins with the careful selection of high-quality tobacco leaves. Sourced from various regions, these leaves are chosen for their flavor, aroma, and burning characteristics. This ensures that every Backwoods Banana Cigar has the perfect blend of tobacco to create a rich and satisfying smoking experience.

Step 2: Flavor Infusion

Once the tobacco leaves are selected, the next step is the all-important flavor infusion process. The essence of ripe bananas is carefully blended with the tobacco, creating the signature taste that sets Backwoods Banana Cigars apart from the rest. This delicate balance of flavors is crucial to achieving the unique, tropical taste that cigar aficionados have come to know and love.

Step 3: Wrapping It Up

With the flavored tobacco blend ready, the next step is to wrap the cigars in a natural leaf wrapper. This signature feature gives Backwoods Banana Cigars their distinctive, rustic appearance. The leaf wrapper not only adds to the visual appeal but also enhances the smoking experience by providing a slow, even burn.

Pairing Suggestions

For an even more delectable experience, consider pairing your Backwoods Banana Cigar with a beverage that complements its flavors. Some options include:

Rum-based cocktails, such as a Dark ‘n Stormy or a Mai Tai

A cold glass of banana-infused beer

A tropical fruit smoothie or a creamy milkshake


Backwoods Cigars is a renowned brand that has withstood the test of time, offering a unique smoking experience to aficionados around the world. The brand’s natural and rustic design, combined with its distinctive flavors, has made it an iconic symbol in the world of tobacco products. Let’s dive into the intriguing history of Backwoods Cigars and discover what makes this brand so special.

The Beginnings

Creation of the Brand

The story of Backwoods Cigars began in 1973 when the US-based company, Altadis, decided to create a unique, natural leaf cigar. The goal was to offer a rustic, yet flavorful smoking experience, reminiscent of traditional hand-rolled cigars. The Backwoods Cigar was born, featuring a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, a short filler, and a simple, unpretentious appearance.

The 1980s Expansion

Backwoods Cigars gained widespread popularity during the 1980s, with the brand expanding its product line to include flavored cigars. The introduction of these new flavors not only increased sales but also solidified Backwoods Cigars’ position as a top-selling brand in the US cigar market.

The Iconic Flavors

Original Flavor

The original Backwoods Cigar flavor remains a favorite among smokers. With its smooth and mild taste, the original Backwoods Cigar is perfect for those seeking a natural and authentic smoking experience.

Honey Berry

Honey Berry is arguably the most popular flavor in the Backwoods Cigars lineup. Its unique blend of honey and berry flavors adds a delightful sweetness to the natural tobacco, creating a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Other Flavors

Over the years, Backwoods Cigars has introduced various flavors to cater to different tastes. Some of these flavors include Sweet Aromatic, Honey, Black ‘N Sweet Aromatic, Honey Bourbon, and Russian Cream.

The Cult Following

Pop Culture Impact

The distinctive look and flavors of Backwoods Cigars have made it a favorite among artists and celebrities. Its presence in movies, music, and popular culture has helped solidify its cult following.

The Hip-Hop Connection

Backwoods Cigars have become particularly popular in the hip-hop community. The brand’s rustic design and distinctive flavors have resonated with artists and fans alike, with many musicians referencing the cigars in their lyrics or featuring them in music videos.

Are Backwoods Banana Cigars machine-made or hand-rolled?

Backwoods Banana Cigars are machine-made, ensuring a consistent and quality smoke every time.

Can I purchase Backwoods Banana Cigars individually or in packs?

Backwoods Banana Cigars typically come in packs, which may vary in size depending on the retailer.

Are Backwoods Banana Cigars flavored with natural or artificial ingredients?

The banana flavor in Backwoods Banana Cigars comes from a blend of natural and artificial flavorings, creating the perfect balance of taste and aroma.

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6 reviews for Banana Backwoods Cigars

  1. Amandafr (verified owner)

    I bought a pack of these banana backwoods for a party with my friends and everyone loved them

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  2. Scotttyy (verified owner)

    The banana flavor is not overpowering at all, which is something I was worried about before trying these backwoods. It’s just the perfect amount of sweetness and flavor.

    1 product
  3. Tyler76 (verified owner)

    I’ve been smoking cigars for years and these banana backwoods are easily in my top five favorites. They just have such a unique flavor profile.

    1 product
  4. JaneJohn (verified owner)

    glad I can buy these in bulk for an affordable price

    1 product
  5. SakaBallarous (verified owner)

    Ain’t gonna lie to you, these aren’t my favorite Backwoods on the market but they are 100% a classic for sure and atleast smoke 1 of em every couple months!

    1 product
  6. NovaRocka (verified owner)

    I been getting my backwoods from you guys for a few months now, and you guys do not disapoint. Keep it up!!!!

    1 product
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